2023 PLE turns down Hoima’s academic giants

From L-R: Jerome Ruhweza, Derrick Ampumuza and John Austin Asiimwe pupils of St Jude nursery and primary school in Hoima City celebrate on Thursday, January 25, 2024, after scoring Aggregate 5 in the 2023 Primary Leaving Examination. (Image: Kazi-njema News)

The 2023 Primary Living Examination (PLE) results for Hoima indicate a decline in performance with the named schools registering few excelling candidates.

According to partial results accessed by Kazi-njema online radio reporter, St Jude Nursery and Primary School, a private owned educational establishment has produced the best performer with aggregate 4. The Indian boy is called Rudra Hitesh Kumar Nayee, one of the 86 registered in Grade 1. 27 pupils fell in second grade.

In 2022, the same school registered six pupils with aggregate 4.

Flobetto Nursery and Primary School which is also a private institution has reported 93 pupils in grade one without any appearing with aggregate 4. The school has registered 7 candidates in second grade.

Last year the school reported 5 pupils with aggregate 4.

Outside the city in Hoima district, Butema United has topped with a pupil excelling with aggregate 4 of 29 in first division. Brave Baguma is the one who excelled.

Six have passed in second grade with none above that.

Government aided St Bernadette Primary School in Hoima city has registered 34 first grades, 120 candidates passed in second grade with 12 in third and six in grade 4. The school had 37 candidates pass in first grade in the 2022 PLE results.

Duhaga Boys, which is also government aided, has 16 in first grade, 99 in second, 14 in third and one in grade 4.

Kitara Nursery and primary School located at Kibingo, Hoima city has reported 18 first grades, 67 in second and 3 in third.

Mr Nebbert Byabasaija, the school head teacher has, however, said that they have seen the number of first grades increase from 12 to 18 this year in that private school.

Step by Step Nursery and Primary School has reported 44 in first grade and 5 in second despite the exams for last year having been relatively harder.

Other administrators have attributed the declining performance to the COVID-19 effects that are still biting on the side of parents and the challenges associated with adapting to the new syllabus.

Mr Isaac Munu, the Head teacher for Central Primary School in Hoima city has reported 19 first grades and 23 second grades.  He said the results are welcome compared to last year when only 6 candidates were registered in first grade.

Bright Stars Nursery and Primary School in Buhamba, Hoima district has recorded 4 in first grade, 27 in second and 20 in third grade. Vicentio Bagonza and Ivan Pikwo were the best with aggregate 9.

The Hoima City Principal Education Officer (PEO), Mr Johnson Kusiima Baingana, has said he will make a comprehensive comment on Monday next week since he is still analysing the results given that tomorrow is a public holiday.

Mapera Nursery and Primary School has registered 45 in first and 17 in second grades.

Nest of Harmony Nursery and Primary School has 14 in first and 1 in second.

Radiant Hope Nursery and Primary School at Kiganda, Hoima city has registered 7 in first division and 11 in second grade with none in third.

Murubya Nursery and Primary School had 13 in first division and 29 in second grade.

Overall performance at national level, a higher proportion of the PLE passed in division 3 and above level, a performance that the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) Executive Director, Mr Dan Odong, said is comparable to that of 2022.

“It should be noted that the number of candidates in Division U is quite high at 88,269 and should raise concern so that they do not just add to the statistics of school dropouts,” he said.

According to Uganda’s education system, candidates who post U grade results, are in ineligible for admission to Senior One.

The numbers

Total registered candidates749,254
UPE candidates501,602
Female candidates 391,558 
Male candidates357,789
Special Needs Education learners2,436

Overall performance by gender

In the overall performance by gender, the males performed proportionally better than the females and recorded a lower failure rate.


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