36 killed in South Sudan violent clashes over land

gunmen in South Sudan

The number of people killed in the clashes between the Pakam community of Lakes State’s Rumbek North County and the Luacjang community of Warrap’s Tonj East County on Tuesday has risen to 36.

Warrap State Information Minister, William Wol Mayom has said that, 25 people from the Luacjang were killed in the clashes. 

Another 15 including two children and one woman were wounded in this conflict involving fire arms.

Wol claimed that over 70 cattle were killed in the crossfire and 60 cattle were raided by the Pakam armed youth who attacked the Malith and Panyang cattle camps. 

He has condemned the attacks regardless of whoever owns the disputed land or not, the law will take its course after investigations into the killings.

“Whether the lands belong to Pakam or Luacjang community that’s not the issue now, but our issue is the incident that happened, and we condemned it in the strongest term possible,” he emphasised.

Tonj East County Commissioner, John Deng kook said the clashes erupted when Pakam youth attacked Luacjang community cattle camps in an attempt to raid cattle.

“These areas were occupied by huge number of cattle from Luacjang community at Luacjang Toch Wetlands. But, the youth from Rumbek North county carried on an attack in the land of Luacjang community,” he said.

The police chief inspector in Rumbek North county of Lakes State, James Nak said that 11 people were killed and 20 others wounded in the clashes from the Pakam community.

“We have 20 people wounded, 11 killed, and more houses were burned in  Malith, Biar, and Panyang villages. There are people wounded in the bushes and some are still being collected and brought to the health facility in Rumbek North County,” he said.


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