A month later, Hoima journalist lies unconscious over thug attack

Radio Hoima journalist, Mr Eddy Kizito Kyambadde, admitted to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital before referral to Mulago National Referral Hospital. (Image: Facebook)

One and a half months later, a Hoima-based radio journalist, Eddy Kizito Kyambadde, is still hospitalised at Mulago National Referral Hospital after sustaining brain injury when he was hit with a blunt object on the head by yet to be identified assailants in Hoima City.

Mr Kyambadde, met his fate on November 13, 2022, after retiring from his late night show – Kipindi cha lala salama at Radio Hoima when thugs attacked him.

News about his condition came to limelight the following day on November 14, 2022, when it emerged that Mr Kyambadde had been admitted unconscious at Hoima Regional Referral Hospital with bruises on his body and a swollen forehead as a result of being hit with a blunt object, according to medical reports.

It remains unclear where the journalist was attacked from since he was in a coma and nobody knew how he was taken and who took him to hospital.

However, while on his Hoima Hospital sickbed, Mr Kyambadde was referred to Mulago National Referral Hospital for Computed Tomography (CT) scan since Hoima does not have that diagnostic imaging machine that shows detailed images of any part of the body.

At the national referral hospital, Mr Kyambadde was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he still lies, according to his brother, Mr Peter Bitendero while speaking to Kazi-njema News online from Kampala on Saturday.

Mr Bitendero said his brother has so far undergone three brain surgeries revealing that following the surgical removal of part of the bone from the skull to expose the brain (craniotomy), the bone flap is temporarily being kept in his belly awaiting recovery when the bone will be placed back during another surgery (cranioplasty).

However, he said Mr Kyambadde, who has been breathing through nasal cannula, was put off oxygen on Friday, December 30, 2022, despite still being unwell.

“He is still in ICU and he can now breathe naturally without any aid of the machine though he is not yet all that well and he has emaciated because of ill health.” Mr Bitendero said.

However, Mr Bitendero said his brother is now responsive and he is controlling his hand movements unlike in the past.


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