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About Us

Kazi-njema News is a not for profit subsidiary of Kazi-njema, a registered organisation in Uganda with its headquarters at Kijogo Cell in Kibingo Ward, Busiisi Division in Hoima municipality.

It majorly offers information related services including translation of documents into local languages, making publication video, audio and text documentaries. It also produces public messages meant to be disseminated by broad or narrow casting, community sensitisation campaigns, media trainings, communication strategy formulation, research, IT and general media advisory services. It publishes and broadcasts information on its own and partner media organisaitons and share with our affiliate and none-affiliate popular social media platforms.

It is founded and managed by professional and experienced personnel with a central objective of improving the flow of accurate information geared towards enhancing development that cares about the subsequent generations (Sustainable Development).

The focus area is the oil and mineral-rich Albertine region of Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


To provide a smart communication infrastructure for positive development oriented practices and conflict sensitivity.


Practicing beyond lecture room material.


“Quality without compromise”

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