All incumbents lose MP seats in Masindi

State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Ernest Monday Kiiza.

All Members of Parliament subscribing to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party in Masindi District lost their seats in the just concluded elections.

State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs, Ernest Kiiza lost to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Joab Busiinge for the Masindi Municipality parliamentary representation while the incumbent district woman MP, Jalia Bintu Lukumu (NRM) lost to Independent Aled Ronald Akugizibwe for the Buruuli Constituency.

Some voters who talked to Kazi-njema News today attributed the incumbents’ downfall to concentrating on decampaigning the opposition instead of telling voters what they had in store for them once re-elected.

Mr Isaac Bongomin, a voter in Masindi said Mr Kiiza was voted out because he promised a lot that he did not fulfill, thus, losing confidence of the voters.

“The loss of most incumbent MPs derives from the promises of improving agriculture by helping farmers-which they didn’t do, Mr Bongomin observed.

In Bujenje Constituency, Lt (Rtd) Patrick Kasumba (NRM) was defeated by Budongo Sub-county LC 3 Chairman, Kenneth Kiiza Nyendwoha (Independent).

Mr Kasumba has served for one term in parliament after he defeated then Minister for Kampala, Kabakumba Labwoni Matsiko in the 2016 elections.

Ms Bintu has been in parliament for 20 years as woman MP but opted to stand in Buruli County after the area MP, Prof Zirubaberi Nyira Mijumbi (NRM) opted not to contest again.

Dr Florence Asiimwe is now new woman MP for Masindi district.

Mr Issa Balinda Omara, a voter in Masindi town said: “Most of the incumbent MPs didn’t do consultative leadership and involve voters in decision making such as amending the constitution. So, they had to fail. People are tired of NRM because of overstaying in power. So, they need change” he said.

L-R: Joab Businge (FDC), Ronald Akugizibwe (Ind) & Kenneth Kiiza Nyendwoha (Ind).

Mr Rogers Kanti, who contested for the Masindi Municipality parliamentary seat under the National Unity Platform (NUP) but lost, said NRM has lost popularity in entire Masindi.

“Security and the NRM in Masindi concentrated on decampaining me and Robert Kyagulanyi but failed to neutralise FDC in Masindi municipality. We are united forces of change. They concentrated on NUP forgetting FDC. We are all in opposition,” said Mr Kanti.

When contacted, Minister Kiiza attributed his failure to NRM’s internal fights.

“I attribute my loss to NRM’s internal fights and I will not go to court. I will keep on helping the churches and mosques as I have been doing and keep on lobbying through my Bunyoro Ministry,” he told this website.


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