Armed robbers attack Hoima journalist

Uganda Radio Network Bunyoro Bureau Chief, Mr Emmanuel Okello, lays on his hospital sickbed at Kabaleega Medical Centre after being attacked by armed robbers in Hoima City today.

The Uganda Radio Network (URN) Bunyoro Bureau Chief, Mr Emmanuel Okello, was this (Monday) afternoon attacked and robbed of his money and gadgets at gunpoint in Hoima City.

Mr Okello told Kazi-njema News at his sickbed at Kabalega Medical Centre in Hoima City that the incident took place at around midday along Butyaba Road at Kiganda cell in Hoima city.

It began when he waited for a taxi to Buseruka sub-county in Hoima district where he was destined to cover a developing news story.

The journalist narrated that the thugs who were travelling in a white Premio vehicle stopped disguising as driver and passengers as one asked whether he was waiting for a public service vehicle.

Upon negotiating transport fare, Mr Okello unsuspectingly alight on the vehicle.

No sooner had they travelled less than 100 metres than the thugs who were armed with an AK-47 rifle ordered him to surrender every item he had as the driver immediately made a U-turn towards Kampala Road.

Mr Okello said he surrendered Shs600, 000; a laptop computer, a camera and a recorder among others before the thugs attempted to strangle him with a seat belt and blindfolded with his facemask later his shirt.

Audio : Okello on thugs (English)_

They drove and dropped him at Kyakaliba-Bulera in Mparo Division, Hoima city roughly four miles from the lagoon where the robbers made a U-turn.

Audio: Okello narrates ordeal (English)

Previous attack

This is the second time Mr Okello is being attacked and robbed of his gadgets in Hoima.

In 2018, unknown thugs robbed him of his laptop computer and a camera while retiring home in Bujumbura East, Hoima city.


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