Babiito badly needed to resolve Bugungu-BKK conflict – MP Busiinge

The Hoima District Woman Member of Parliament, Ms Harriet Mugenyi Busiinge. (Image: File)

“We recognise Babiito as rulers of the kingdom leaving alone the administration. Babito should rise up with a diplomatic approach to neutralise the growing forces of schism,” challenges Ms Harriet Mugenyi Busiinge, the Woman Member of Parliament for Hoima District.

She emphatically said that while speaking at the Babiito (ruling clan) meeting held at the home of the Chief Prince, Mr Fred Mugenyi Rucuya, in Rukoge cell, Hoima city yesterday (Sunday).

The legislator expressed disappointment that Babiito who are expected to be on the forefront to resolution of the Bagungu breakaway and other negative forces have sat back as spectators.

According to her, the administration alone has no capacity to resolve such conflicts since some of the administrators have divergent interests.

Ms Businge boldly revealed that she does not appreciate the approach used by the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom administration so far fearing that it might escalate conflicts if the Bbaiito remain in silence.

“I have not seen an open dialogue between the kingdom administration and the Bagungu. I would also expect the Babiito as a ruling clan to travel to Bugungu to engage those demanding independence. I am informed that some people from Greater Kibaale are also moving to breakaway as similar stories are told in Kiryandongo,” she said.

The law maker warned that the forthcoming Bugungu cultural gala might give birth to disasters than reuniting the kingdom and promoting their culture.

“They have been approved by government to proceed with the cultural gala but a lot might be hidden there,” she warned.

Ms Busiinge said the government provided a big democratic space for cultural institutions and so the best way is dialogue and continued preaching of the need to remain standing together as the people of Bunyoro.

Turning to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom administration led by Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga Ateenyi, the MP called for change of approach to those demanding secession to stop the breakaway ideology and possible bloodshed.

Audio: Busiinge on resolving Bugungu-Bunyoro Kingdom conflict (Runyoro/Rutooro)

At the same meeting, Mr Fred Mugenyi Rucunya, the Chief Prince of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom cum husband to legislator Busiinge, said Babiito ruling clan members are up to see that the matter is handled diplomatically.

The comments have come just weeks after Banyoro from Greater Kibaale also petitioned the kingdom showing an interest to breakaway if at all their demands including representation of Mubende Banyoro Committee (MBC) in the kingdom administration are not catered for.

Kazi-njema News has on many occasions quoted the kingdom Premier, Mr Byakutaaga, urging the people of Bunyoro to remain united arguing that division will only weaken them.

He has always said the kingdom has its doors wide open for dialogue.

On the MBC demands, the Prime Minister’s office officially acknowledged receipt of their petition and pledged to dialogue with them.


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