Bad roads irk Hoima city dwellers, opt for self-help service

Some of the youth work on the dilapidated Kibbati Road using rudimentary tools in East Division, Hoima City. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

Various vital roads in the business as well as residential areas of Kiryateete, Kigaragara and Kibbati Cells in East Division, Hoima City are in a dilapidated condition giving a tough time to locals and commuters.

Some important link roads are dotted with large potholes hampering human and vehicular movement to and fro Hoima city centre for various socio-economic services.

The Kiryateete Lower Chairman, Mr Juma Asiimwe, says the poor road condition has become a nuisance to the residents and other users after it was aggravated by a city garbage truck that trod deeper into the muddy road when it was rocked back and forth after getting stuck and overturning until it destroyed it with potholes.

He adds that the two roads are known for turning into a cesspool whenever it rains and now that the garbage truck destroyed them to potholes; gullies were formed rendering the infrastructure impassable even during dry interludes.

The chairman wants the road upgraded to bituminous standards.

“I wonder how the authorities decided to tarmac roads in upscale Kijungu area meant for fashionable people yet there are few businesses that fetch the city council more revenue compared to Kiryateete which lies on the neglected Kibbati Road. It is irritating us.” He says.

“The city council vehicle carrying garbage got stuck in the muddy road and it destroyed it in the process of removing it. But the authorities did not cover the hole caused by the action of digging out the lorry; making the road impassable. We have called for the authorities’ intervention but to no help,” Mr Asiimwe adds.

Mr David Kato, a resident of Kiryateete Lower Cell, demands that the authorities should move out of their comfort zones to the field so they can see and visualise and feel the impassable roads for informed decision making in road rehabilitation.

“It shocks seeing the bad condition of this road moreover in the city and the leaders who promised to address such issues during the campaign period are now not fulfilling their pledges. We appeal to the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures including tarmacadamising the roads at the earliest time to avoid any road accidents or injuries to any motorists and pedestrians,” he says.

Bearing with the poor state of the road and using rudimentary tools to work on it was what Mr Nicholas Baguma, a resident of Kiryateete Lower cell says left the residents caught between a rock and a hard place.

To relatively salvage the users from the unmotorable road, the residents opted for self-help service using elementary implements to enable access to various services in the area and downtown after the authorities allegedly told them that funds for the cause were not available in the city council coffers.

Mr Bosco Muhanuuzi, the Mayor for East Division, Hoima city, promises that the road will undergo routine rehabilitation and maintenance immediately after the rains stop as assured by the city engineer.

Civil engineering technocrats argue that working on gravel roads during rainy seasons is not cost effective as more fuel is consumed during construction since it requires moving back to clear the mud in an already worked on part of the road.


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