Bad roads retard development in Hoima

Road construction works underway in Hoima. (Image: File)

Bad road network is hampering an array of development among residents of Kyabasengya Village in Kitoba Sub-county, Hoima District since they cannot easily access socio-economic services in neighbouring areas.

The residents find it hard to access nearby markets in the neighbouring villages in the sub-county and also in Kigorobya sub-county so they can sell their agricultural and other merchandise for their livelihood and acquisition of their daily necessities.

This has, thus, attracted the attention of the district leaders with Mr Jackson Mulindaburra, the district councillor for Kiganja sub-county saying many roads in the district are in a sorry state.

Representing the district chairman at the launch of a 2.9km road construction works, Mr Mulindamburra said the district is unable to work on all the roads since the money remitted from the central government is so little that priority is given to those whose state is appalling.

However, he said using funds from the Agriculture Cluster Development Project, the district contracted Grand Engineering Company to construct a first class gravel road infrastructure connecting Kyabasengya village to Kigorobya sub-county at a tune of more than Shs275m.

The work projected to be completed in 10 months will create a sigh of relief among the residents of Kyabasengya village and Kigorobya sub-county since they will be accessing markets more easily than they can at the current time.

“As roads are being constructed, we encourage people to work hard because with the oil developments taking place in the region, there will be many markets for various agricultural products to feed people who will be in the area to tap oil money.” Mr Mulindamburra said.

The Kitoba Sub-county Chairman, Mr Elisha Kaliisa, revealed that many roads in the sub-county are in a sorry state and require urgent attention since students are encountering challenges travelling to school while farmers find it difficult to access markets for their products.

“We still need district intervention because most of the roads in this area are in a very sorry state and unfortunately, the most affected ones are being used by school children. Other roads are so impassable that farmers find it hard to transport their agricultural products to processing centres and markets since roads make it hard for heavy trucks to access farms,” he said.

The Hoima Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Emmy Kateera Turyabagyenyi, cautioned that government will apprehend and prosecute anybody implicated in syphoning and stealing fuel from the road equipment.

He also tasked the contractor to ensure that work reflects value for money and consider employing local content.

The RDC told the farmers in the area that government does not intend to compensate anybody who will lose their crops during the construction, thus, urging them to cooperate with the contractor.

“We shall continue monitoring the construction work to see there is value for money and any culprit implicated in stealing fuel from the equipment will be handled in accordance with the law. I, therefore, tell the contractor to do good work and value the money injected into this project. We shall not commission this road in case we find out that it has been done shoddily,” Mr Turyabagyenyi said.

Adding: “Farmers who have planted crops by the roadsides should not expect being compensated because this will fail the project as they ask for money to compensate for the loss of their crops. We shall continue monitoring the work.”

Mr Robert Alinaitwe, the Chief Administrative Officer Hoima district, noted that projects of the kind fail because of some people who steal repair parts and fuel for the contractor’s trucks.

“I’m warning residents who are planning to ask for jobs to work with the contractor with the aim of stealing the contractor’s spares [spare parts] and fuel for his trucks that once one is arrested behind such acts, will be straight taken to courts of law without any negotiations.”

Speaking at the launch, Mr Nyansio Kiiza, the Kyabasengya Village Chairman, attributed the area under development to poor roads that cannot easily connect to other areas.

“We are struggle to transport our agricultural output to Kigorobya market. People from Kigorobya and Kapaapi markets and the neighbouring areas cannot easily come and buy agricultural produce and even it is always difficult for children to access educational services in this area.”

However, he is optimistic that once complete, the road will facilitate better transactions in diversity to the area residents that will consequently spur economic development.

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