Bishop Kahuma condemns disrespect in Bunyoro kingdom

Bishop Samuel Kahuma (2nd left - back) and other Reverends during a Royal Christmas Carols Service at St Peter’s Cathedral in Duhaga, Hoima in 2020. (Image: File)

The Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, the Rt Rev Samuel Kahuma, has condemned the insolence, dying morality and disunity among the people of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom saying it is costing it socio-economic and moral development – a key pillar to a healthy society.

The bishop says disagreements among the people of Bunyoro specifically those in leadership positions have resulted in retarded progress in diversity including ethical, social and financial areas, thus, keeping the subjects in bad circles.

He condemns the way disagreements are being handled in the kingdom urging the frictional parties to always use soft ways of settling their differences instead of washing their dirty linen in public that causes society to feel disgusted.

The clergy reminds leaders in the kingdom to ensure that they manifest their leadership maturity and skills for the subjects to borrow a leaf from them.

“Never should a leader who does something wrong be criticised publicly. But they are instead told of their mistakes in a diplomatic manner. No, I don’t mean that they should be left to continue doing wrong. They should instead be taken aside and talk about the issue. It hurts us when leaders’ issues appear on social media platforms and being discussed on radios. This shows that Bunyoro is dying morally,” the bishop says.

“Let’s go back and respect one another. It is not that you respect someone because they have done what is in your interest but because they have been appointed to that leadership position. As we celebrate 28 years of coronation, let us help one another to return to humanity and spearhead moral reformation. Let us not say that this is a new generation leaving morals to decay. We must work together to bring morality back to course,” Bishop Kahuma continues.

Audio: Kahuma on disrespect (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The bishop’s concern comes when a certain group of the ruling clan are clashing with officials of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom over the way the kingdom is being financially run.

The group and some other Banyoro are accusing the kingdom top administration of purportedly failing to account for the monies the kingdom receives.

Such a misunderstanding forced the two sides to rush to courts of law for legal redress; an approach some members in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom condemn.

Recently, court in Masindi adjourned to 2023 the case in which Omuhikirwa (Prime Minister), Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga dragged the Okwir (Chief Prince) Eng Fred Rucunya Mugenyi, to court after the latter and a group the ruling Babiito clan members sued him and two other kingdom officials including the Attorney General, Mr Edgar Agaba and the Minister of Finance, Mr Robert Owagonza for allegedly misusing kingdom funds.


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