Boda-boda operators to punish colleagues over COVID-19 guidelines violation in Masindi

boa-boda service operators on stage

Masindi Motorcycle Operators Association (MAMOA) Chairperson, Mr Rashid Onyera has warned all boa-boda service operators in the district against defying the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Onyera appeals to the boda-boda riders to respect a directive of carrying only one passage if they are to survive a total lockdown.

In an interview with Kazi-njema News, he notes that despite the Presidential directive on Sunday evening, he had sighted some boda-boda riders carrying two or three passages in Masinfi municipality which puts their services at risk of total closure over spreading coronavirus.

“We have to respect the guidelines because they can completely stop us as it happened last year. If they have said we work up to 7pm, let us stop there for our job security and public safety”, he said.

According to Mr Onyera as (MAMOA), they are working on their internal penalties for their own who violate the guidelines and also report to police those that fail to respect the association leadership resolutions.

COVID-19 cases in Bunyoro are increasing every day.


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