Buhimba Utd Saints defeat Kibanjwa Utd to increase playoff chances to qualify for Fufa Big League

Buhimba United Saints Football Club players. (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

Kitara Regional League Buhimba United Saints Football Club has defeated Kibanjwa United Football Club to increase its chances for playoffs as they vie to qualify for FUFA Big League next season.

Regional League is the third tie league in Uganda following FUFA Big League and Uganda Premier League on top.

Buhimba United Saints FC and Kibanjwa United FC which are at 49 points each are competing to top the Albert Group to qualify for Kitara region playoffs in the road to FUFA Big League.

The Albert Group based Buhimba United Saints FC from Kikuube district played Kibanjwa United FC at Kibanjwa playground in Kitoba sub-county, Hoima district with three points behind.

The first half went goalless before Buhimba United Saints FC scored two goals in the 66th minute and 78th minute.

With this win, Buhimba United Saints FC have 49 points the same as Kibanjwa United FC with the same goal difference.

Both teams are remaining with only two games to end the season.

Kibanjwa United Football Club. (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

Donny Robert, the head coach for Kibanjwa United FC, regrets that his team lost all the three points to their competitors but he is optimistic that to win the remaining matches to increase their chances to qualify for playoffs.

“Our team has been doing well only that we were unlucky to lose to [Buhimba Saints United] Saints FC because we were the best at the pitch. We created chances but we failed to score. But we want to promise our supporters that we are going to work hard in our next matches because our aim from the beginning is to qualify for FUFA Big League this season.” He says.

Mike Zziwa, the head coach Buhimba Saints United FC says the club is determined to qualify for FUFA Big League.

“Kibanjwa FC is a stubborn side. But we want to keep our fans and players happy that is why we used strong energy to beat them because we are aware that they are one of our serious competitors and the only way of defeating them is to beat them at their home ground and we hope to do whatever it takes to qualify to the next level,” he says.

In the next fixture, Kibanjwa will play Bweyale in Kiryandongo while Buhimba Saints United FC will play at home with Dove FC at Kigaaya playground.


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