Buhimba Utd Saints to sign new players to excel in Albert Group – Manager

Buhimba Utd FC Manager, Everest Suuta Mukama hands out a man of the match award to defender Charles Kyomuhendo at Kahunde playground in Kagadi District on Sunday, January 14, 2024. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

After beating Kagadi Utd FC, the Manager for Buhimba Utd Saints FC, Everest Suuta Mukama, has said they are looking out for new players and staff to get assured of advance to FUFA Big League.

In a special interview with Kazi-njema online radio’s Samuel Baguma, Suuta Mukama vowed that the team will work to maintain its top position in the Albert Group.

Buhimba Utd Saints on Sunday got victory against the host-Kagadi Utd FC at Kahunde playground in Kagadi district.

The hosts scored at the verge of the hour mark and the visitors squared it in the 78th minute and later sealed it in stoppage time making it a 1-2 win.

The Buhimba Utd Saints Manager said it was a very crucial win for the team since it gives them hope of qualifying for the FUFA Big League next season.

Suuta Mukama admitted that there were some gaps in the team.

Buhimba currently tops the table of the Albert Group of Kitara Region with 25 points in 11 games played so far.

The team has officially gone for the official break of the first leg and will resume in February 2024 for the second leg.

Audio: Suuta Mukama on Buhimba Utd (Runyoro/Rutooro)


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