Bujenje MP surrenders part salary to fight scabies

A child shows his scabies-stricken back in Bujenje County, Masindi District on Sunday (Photo: Yosamu Gicwaki)

As scabies continues ravaging Bujenje County in Masindi District, the area Member of Parliament, Rtd Lt Patrick Kasumba, has committed part of his salary to fight the disease.

The legislator told the press that he has committed Shs2m from his salary for four months to fight the disease that has hit Bwijanga and Budongo sub-counties that fall under his political jurisdiction.

Handing out more than 750 doses of scabies drugs at Kimanya Church of Uganda in Budongo sub-county on Sunday, Mr Kasumba said he began the donation in April to ascertain that scabies is driven out of Bujenje.

“I reached at this decision after realising that my electorates could not afford accessing the scarce scabies medicine since they do not have enough money to buy it,” he said.

The most hit villages in Budongo sub-county include Kimanya Upper & Lower, Kiryamyongo, Nyabyeya, Kasenene, Nyantonzi, Nyakafunjo and Kapeeka 1, 2 & 3.

A patient shows his hands affected by scabies in Bujenje County, Masindi District on Sunday. Credit: Yosamu Gucwaki

In Bwijanga sub-county, Kiryateete and Kyakaiteera villages have been most affected.

The law maker said the Shs8m he has offered will procure 32,000 doses adding that in case the disease continues hitting the constituents, he will commit more money until it is kicked out.

He said he is working jointly with the district health office and the ministry of health that are providing him with technical guidance.

Mr Kasumba appealed to specified technocrats in Masindi district local government to partner with him and sensitise people about ways of fighting the preventable scabies disease caused by poor hygiene.

“Let the district health educator and the health inspector redirect their efforts to Bujenje County and sensitise the public about ways of avoiding scabies since it is caused by poor hygiene,” he urged.

Parents say children are the most affected adding that they are spending sleepless nights scratching their bodies.

scabies is an itchy, highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Mites are small eigh-legged parasites in contrast to insects which have six legs.


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