Bunyoro advised to utilise Masindi industrial hub to fight poverty, unemployment

Masindi RDC, Martin Mugabi.

The Masindi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Martin Mugabi, has admitted that there is a high level of unemployment especially among the majority youth languishing with their unutilised professional and academic qualifications.

Speaking to Kazi-njema News at his office, Mr Mugabi says lack of employment opportunities is one of the great challenges Uganda is facing making many people unable to have a stable source of livelihood.

However, to relatively check such a lack in mid western Uganda, the RDC advises the people of Bunyoro especially those of Masindi to make use of an industrial hub being established at Kiryana village in Kimengo sub-county, Masindi district.

Mr Mugabi cites numerous factories like a coffee huller, maize processing mills and bread bakeries that will be housed in the hub as some of the drivers that will propel individual financial statuses once completed since they will create employment opportunities.

Audio: Mugabi on employment (Runyankole/ Rukiga)

The RDC urged people to desist from politicising the projects since it can fail government programmes meant to develop the region

Mr Mugabi dismissed the alleged ongoing propaganda that the industrial hub is aimed at electioneering for the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Audio: Mugabi on politicisation (Runyankole/Rukiga)

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