Bunyoro affirms Empango commemorate for 2021 in style over COVID-19

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has confirmed that they will commemorate their annual festival called ‘Empango’ for this year on June 11th 2021 at Karuziika Palce in Hoima city. However, the function will not entail usual activities including Empango-Run ahead of the function and football competitions.

Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga, the kingdomPrime Minister has told Kazi-njema News that they will invite a mazimam of 200 guests that will witnessed the proceedings.

“Yes, the 27th coronation of Omukama Dr. Solomon Gafaabusa Iguru1 will be there despite the COVID-19 situation. We shall hold it in observance of the SOPs”, he said.

Mr Francis Mugerwa, the Communications Specialist in the Office of the Prime Minister for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom says, the proceedings live on different radio stations in Bunyoro and also on online platforms to ensure that the subjects feel the sense of their longtime cherished commemoration.

Empango is the only function that brings together the peopelof Bunyoro and their friends from different kingdoms including Baganda from Buganada kingdom, Banyambo from Karagwe Tanzania and Alur from West Nile and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo DRC).s

Normally, the day blesses many business in Hoima city as all roads lead to Karuziika Place amid happenings for nearly a week.


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