Bunyoro cattle farmers urge government to reopen markets

Livestock farmers in Bunyoro sub -region urge government to reopen livestocj markets so they can sell off some of their animals to sustain themselves financially.

In March this year, President Yoweri Museveni closed livestock markets as one of the measures of controlling the spread of Covid-19.

Following the closure, livestock farmers say they “can no longer fend for their families since they do not have money for the cause”.

Mr James Akandwanaho, a herdsman at Bugoigo Village in Buliisa District says he is facing hard times.

“This is the most difficult time I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Let government listen to our pleas and reopen the markets to allow us sell some animals to provide for our families,” he says.

Mr Stephen Vatiri, another cattle farmer in Buseruka sub -county in Hoima district says the lockdown has plunged them into poverty.

He also says their animals are on the verge of dying because herders do not have money to buy drugs to treat them.

“Covid-19 lockdown has impacted on us and our animals. The financial hitch has affected even our livestock because we don’t have money to buy drugs for them. We are currently not capable of deworming and spraying them and they stand a risk of dying.”

Mr Godfrey Kahiiga, a livestock farmer in Kikuube district asks government to reopen the livestock markets under tight Covid-19 prevention guidelines saying they are ready to comply as Mr Zabuloni Rwobwitizo, another herdsman is worried that some of their family members could succumb to hunger since they do not have money to buy food for them.

During his nationwide address on Monday evening, President Yoweri Museveni maintained the suspension on livestock markets saying they attract people from different parts of the country something he says could further facilitate the rapid spread of the disease in the country.


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