Bunyoro kingdom challenged to restore good cultural practices, morals

Mr Gerald Baleke, the Buhaguzi County Chief of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, addresses people about culture at the Ekiteera Cup finals organised by the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda at Nkondo playground in Kabwoya Sub-county, Kikuube District on March 14, 2021. (Photo: Gad Asaba).

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has been challenged to borrow a leaf from Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) to revive the once celebrated Bunyoro culture.

Mr Gerald Baleke, the Buhaguzi County Chief of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom notes that a lot is desired to revive and protect the continuously eroding Bunyoro’s culture in favour of western culture.

The County Chief cites the contemporary indecent dressing among Banyoro youth both male and female exposing their private body parts saying their dress code is wanting and the matter should be addressed immediately to restore the lost glory.

“Unlike in the past in Bunyoro when everybody could dress decently, today, the trend has changed with the youth taking the dress code too far! Many young men and women are exposing their private body parts in public – something that needs to be checked to save culture from dying off. The current type of dressing is always sexually suggestive and it has to be put to an end,” he said.

Indecent and sexually suggestive dressing among young men and women has swept across most tribes that once portrayed cultural glory in Uganda.

Speaking at the football finals of the Ekiteera (Chimpanzee) Cup organised by CCFU to perpetuate Bunyoro’s culture at Nkondo playground in Kabwoya Sub-county, Kikuube District, the tournament organiser, Herbert Kelly, also challenged the kingdom candle bearers to always support organisations that aim to promote Bunyoro’s culture.

He said by organising tournaments based on clans is one of the avenues of teaching the youth that culture is paramount in any society since it unites people irrespective of being scattered geographically across the region.

Mr Kelly added that organising the tournament featuring a chimpanzee signifies Bunyoro’s cultural attachment with animals that need to be protected against any harm through guarding their habitat.

The Kabwoya sub-county youth councillor, Fred Bainomugisa, said CCFU has promoted Bunyoro’s culture to a higher level through various activities including cultural education and organising football tournaments that bring together the youth and elders consequently enabling the former to learn from the latter.

The councillor urged CCFU to always provide tree seedlings for planting every year symbolic of protecting chimpanzee habitat and a pointer that Banyoro ancestors protected forests as they stand today though environmentally insensitive people are depleting them.

Mr Amon Kitooke, the Deputy Director CCFU said the objective of the tournament was to bring the youth on board so that they can preserve their culture, bring the youth and elders together, interact and share how to protect chimpanzees and breathe life back into Bunyoro’s culture.

He was optimistic that with the activities undertaken, a change of behaviour has been realised with the young people knowing that their cultural identity is important in their lives.

Mr Kitooke said it is everybody’s responsibility to protect Bunyoro’s culture and the surrounding in its natural form to enable the young ones to grow up seeing and knowing a physical chimpanzee instead of being told that they are an extinct species.

Money, jerseys, balls, a trophy and medals were given to clan-based football players who participated in the Ekiteera Cup at Nkondo playground in Kabwoya Sub-county, Kikuube District. (Photo: Gad Asaba).

Clans that participated in the tournament were drawn from Kikuube and Kagadi districts. Kikuube presented four clans including Bayanja, Basiita, Bakurungu and Babyasi while Kagadi presented Bacwamba, Bapiina, Basana and Bafumambogo.

The winner was awarded Shs700, 000, a ball full kit, a set of jersey and a trophy while the runner up received Shs300, 000, a full ball kit and a ball among others.

Sunday, March 14, 2021 finals were a continuation of the tournament that started way back in 2019 in which many clans participated as a way of promoting Bunyoro’s culture among the youth and advocating for the conservation of the chimpanzee habitat.


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