Bunyoro kingdom officials accused of ignoring land wrangles

A cross section of residents of Hoima City East Division threatened with eviction gather at the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom headquarters in Hoima City. (File photo)

The Hoima City Woman Member of Parliament elect, Asinansi Nyakato, has faulted Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom officials for keeping a deaf ear as the kingdom subjects continue being threatened with evictions from their alleged land and arraigned before courts of law.

Ms Nyakato’s concern follows a recent incident in which more than 8,000 residents of Mparangasi, Kyakapeya and Kikwatamiigo Cells in East Division, Hoima City are before court defending themselves against charges of encroaching on Omukama Solomon Iguru’s late daughter, Princess Victoria Kabagabu’s land.

The late Kabagabu’s children claim that the residents have for long occupied their late mother’s land while the defendants claim that they and their grandparents have lived on the land in contention for more than a century.

Now, Ms Nyakato wonders why kingdom officials have kept a blind eye yet they are the right persons to intervene and bring to limelight the rightful owner of the land.

She claims that some officials in the kingdom are using their ranks to cause evictions, thus, calling for immediate action to avoid internal displacements.

Audio: Nyakato on land (Runyoro/Rutooro)

In response, the kingdom Omuhikirwa (Prime Minister), Andrew Byakutaaga, said the kingdom authorities have written a land policy that will guide them how to manage land matters in the kingdom.  

However, he said kingdom officials cannot handle some land issues since they are currently in courts of law.

This also followed a concern raised by the Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament elect cum outgoing mayor of Masindi Municipality, Joab Busiinge, who wondered why the kingdom has not handled the Ihungu kingdom land saga in Masindi which Mr Oscar Baitwa claims that was given to him by the Royal Highness.

Mr Byakutaaga defended that kingdom officials cannot intervene right now since the matter is before court and any current involvement translates into contempt of court.

However, he is optimistic that with the land policy now in place, land issues in the kingdom will be managed clearly.

Audio: Byakutaaga on land (Runyoro/Rutooro)

This was during a get together party organised by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to congratulate newly elected Members of Parliament, District Chairpersons and Mayors in Bunyoro region upon their victory at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima City.


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