Bunyoro kingdom to start up demonstration farms in Buliisa, Kikuube districts

Participants compete in the Inter-County Bicycle Race organised by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in Buliisa District. (Image: Samuel Baguma)

Samuel Baguma

The Omuhikirwa (Prime Minister) of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom reveals that the cultural institution plans to establish demonstration farms in Buliisa and Kikuube districts with intent to promote agricultural practices in the region.

Speaking at the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Inter-county Bicycle Race organised in Buliisa district, Mr Andrew Byakutaaga Ateenyi said that the kingdom in liaison with Microfinance Support Centre is working towards engaging people in commercial agriculture that will see them relatively jump out of poverty.

He said financial inclusion through agribusiness is a surer way of propelling good health among the people of Buliisa and Kikuube districts in particular and Bunyoro in general with the consequent holistic development that is highly craved for in the kingdom.

Mr Byakutaaga added that all-inclusive development should also be viewed in participating in a number of activities that the kingdom has initiated including scholarships to vulnerable students in higher institutions of learning with preference for best performers at senior six level.

The Omuhikirwa also cited a healthy body and talent promotion like bicycle race among other physical activities as an important tool that creates unity, discipline, peace, teamwork and entertainment among all the different sub-ethnic groups of people of Bunyoro to the lowest administrative unit of a family.

He advised the people of Buliisa to disregard any propaganda that calls for the breakaway of Bugungu from Bunyoro saying integrity is the best way towards fighting underdevelopment among all sub-ethnicities in the kingdom.

Speaking at the same event, Mr Steven Majara Matongo, the Buliisa County Chief for Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, promised unity and harmony among the people of Buliisa amidst the ongoing disintegration campaign perpetuated by some people of Bugungu.

He appreciated the kingdom for organising the bicycle race that saw a big number of competitors participate in the activity.

The Buliisa Resident District Commissioner, Mr Steven Byaruhanga Nfashingabo, expressed happiness over the kingdom partnership with MTN – a telecommunications network in organising the race in Buliisa saying it promotes unity that keeps people under one umbrella of harmony.

He urged the people of Buliisa to engage in government programmes like the Parish Development Model, requesting Bunyoro Kitara kingdom to encourage people to participate such projects so as to benefit from government funds that will enable them increase household income.

Bunyoro comprises Bagahya, Baruuli Batyaba, Bakobya, Bakibiro, Bayaga, Bagangaizi, Basindi, Bakidi and Bagungu sub-ethnic groups that form Banyoro tribe scattered across the eight districts of Bunyoro.

The districts include Kiryandongo, Masindi, Buliisa and Hoima. Others are Kikuube, Kagadi, Kibaale and Kakumiro.

Bugungu is occupied by many sub-ethnic communities including Bagungu, Batyaba, Alur and Bagahya among others.


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