Bunyoro mobilises chiefs to fight gender imbalances

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Minister for Gender, Ms Dinah Kasangaki, calls for gender balance to spur socio-economic development in the kingdom.

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Ministry of Gender has intensified efforts to improve awareness to the kingdom chiefs and ministers on the concept of gender and the effects of discrimination based on gender.

While speaking at the closure of a two day workshop for the kingdom County Chiefs yesterday afternoon, Ms Dinah Kasangaki the kingdom minister for gender called upon the participants to pick interest in fighting gender imbalances in the community and also appreciate the fact that gender does not mean sex or women as some people perceive it to be.

The minister said striking a balance between gender will trigger socio-economic development that the kingdom badly targets for its advancement.

“Some people think it is about advocating for women whenever we try to talk about gender but there is more than that in my ministry. We all look at policies of child protection and also the older persons” she said.

She promised to revitalise sensitisation meetings that were suspended by the Covid-19 second wave lockdown restrictions.

Research on gender is also among the ministry’s forthcoming activities, according to Ms Kasangaki.

On Saturday, the kingdom had concluded a separate two day training on gender that targeted the kingdom ministers separately.

It was also facilitated by officials from the government of Uganda’s ministry of gender, labour and social development.

Among other issues highlighted in the training was the need for chiefs to become ambassadors of the gender ministry in promoting education for both boys and girls and also fight against domestic violence.

Mr Frank Simon Businge, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Chief for Masindi Municipality appreciated the training saying that it has boosted his understanding on gender issues and their relationship with social and economic development.

“I have learnt that gender also links to child upbringing which is of course very crucial in our kingdom”, he said.

Mr Frank Simon Businge, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom County Chief for Masindi Municipality.

Mr Eriabu Rwamukaaga, the kingdom Chief for Kigoroobya County pledged to become active in promoting girl child education saying that some people in his area of jurisdiction still have a mentality that girls are destined for marriage while boys are to advance education.

According to him, this has accelerated teenage pregnancies and marriages.


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