Bunyoro Parliament harmonises to achieve annual development goals

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom cabinet sits at Orukurato (Parliament) hall in Hoima City.

The Parliament (Orukurato) of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has heightened efforts to coordinate all ministerial operations to ensure that development plans of the kingdom take shape.

During the meeting between the cabinet and the chairpersons of the 14 session committees of the Orukurato yesterday (Sunday), each committee presented its work plan for the first quarter and also made remarks to convince the cabinet that it was determined to achieve its goals.

The Kingdom Minister for Gender, Mr Dinah Kasangaki, said she was looking into conducting research on gender to inform future actions of the ministry towards eliminating gender biases in the kingdom.

“Research, lobbying and sensitisation trainings are among our targets”, she said.

Meanwhile, Mr Apollo Rwamparo, the Minister for Tourism said he was working out a mechanism to identify and map out all cultural sites at risk of being encroached on and those already encroached on by different people.

During an interview with Kazi-njema News shortly after the meeting, the Speaker (Omutalindwa) of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Parliament, Mr Isaac Kalembe Biromumaiso Akiiki, expressed optimism that with the growing spirit of teamwork amongst the servants of the kingdom and subjects on the other side, the kingdom will achieve its goals in many spheres.

Audio: Kalembe on kingdom development (English)


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