Bunyoro Premier mobilises subjects for benefits in sports industry

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Kirungi Baykutaaga Ateenyi, addresses the subjects at the competitions held in Kiryandongo Town Council in Kiryandongo District on Friday, September 8, 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

The Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (BKK), Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga Ateenyi, has called upon the people of Bunyoro to embrace sports so they can enjoy the associated employment and income opportunities therein.

While speaking at the ceremony to award the winners in the bicycle race competitions in Kiryandongo district on Friday afternoon, the premier said that many youth in Uganda and elsewhere in the world have earned a lot from sports like footballers and netballers.

According to him, embracing sports will also help the participants to discover their talents and promote them further, putting Bunyoro back to her glory.

The bicycle race was organised by BKK in partnership with MTN Uganda to promote sports in the kingdom.

Mr Byakutaaga commended MTN Uganda for its continued willingness to support BKK in different ways of social-economic development.

Mr Mutiti Nyendwoha, the BKK First Deputy Prime Minister, urged the cash awardees to use and invest it in promoting their talents and other things for future benefit other than squandering it in unproductive activities.

“That money can be used as start-up capital for enterprises as well as buying needs to promote talents,” he said.

On his side at the function, Mr Aggrey Byaruhanga, the Western and South Western Regional MTN Market Coordinator, expressed MTN’s commitment to continue working with BKK and its subjects to promote sports.

Mr Brian Yanga, the winner, bagged home Shs500,000 followed by Mr Rogers Alinaitwe who got Shs400,000.

The third got Shs300,000, the third received Shs200,000 while the fourth and the fifth got Shs100,000.

In the women’s competition, Ms Teddy Nyangendo was awarded, Shs400,000 for being the winner while Ms Florence Nyangoma who was the second took home Shs300,000.

The third got Shs200,000, the fourth received Shs100, 000 while the fifth bagged home Shs50,000.

The 10 winners including five men and five women from all districts that constitute BKK will converge again for finals in Hoima city on October 27, 2023.

The competitions occur as BKK is also overseeing the ‘Enganda Tournaments’ to promote inter-clan relationships amongst Bunyoro clans.


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