Bunyoro reiterates demand for return of her assets

Bunyoro Affairs Minister, Jennifer Kacha Byakatonda Namuyangu interfaces with Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Andrew Byakutaaga yesterday (Wednesday) at the kingdom headquarters in Hoima seat. (Photo: Gad Asaba)

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Andrew Byakutaaga, has reiterated Bunyoro’s call to the central government to restitute the kingdom assets including forests, cultural assets and buildings among others.

Speaking during a consultative meeting by Bunyoro Affairs State Minister, Jennifer Kacha Byakatonda Namuyangu, at the kingdom headquarters in Hoima city yesterday (Wednesday), Mr Byakutaaga also called for the demarcation of Bugoma forest boundary and compensation of absentee landlords, revising the oil loyalties for Bunyoro and the operationalisation of Bunyoro University among others.

It is now donkey years since the people of Bunyoro have been demanding for the establishment of a public university, better health services; better royalties from the oil and gas resource and solving the land question.

In her response, Ms Namuyangu, said government is aware of Bunyoro’s concerns that residents want to be addressed.

The minister said government is in a better position to ensure development is realised in the region, urging leaders in Bunyoro to mobilise communities to embrace government projects so they can tap into the existing opportunities to cause socio-economic development.

Audio: Namuyangu on Bunyoro issues (English)


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