Bunyoro reports 191 defilement cases during lockdown

Police in the Albertine region has raised a red flag over the increasing defilement cases in Bunyoro sub-region during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Figures from the regional criminal investigations directorate indicate that 191 defilement cases were recorded between March and May in Bunyoro.

According to the Albertine Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr Julius Allan Hakiza, 81 suspects have already been arraigned and charged before court while investigations for the remaining ones are still underway.

Mr Hakiza told Kazi-njema News that 34 cases were recorded in Kiryandongo, 31 in Kagadi, 27 in Kikuube and 22 in Masindi districts.

The police also recorded 21 cases in Kakumiro, 20 in Hoima and Kibaale and 16 in Buliisa districts.

The police spokesperson said that the most common form of sexual violation was simple defilement that involves girls between 14 and 17 years.

Mr Hakiza added that some parents coerced some of their teenage daughters into marriage with intent to get money from the defilers.

Audio: Hakiza on defilement (English)

However, the police officer said that the cases could be much more compared to those that the police recorded.

The Buseruka Sub-county LC 3 chairman in Hoima district, Mr Ali Tinkamanyire, where defilement cases have spiralled because of the influx of people looking for work in the oil and gas industry says that the authorities’ efforts to restraint defilement are frustrated by some parents and corrupt police officers who conspire with defilers.

The Bugahya County Member of Parliament in Hoima, Mr Pius Wakabi, says child sexual abuse is silently ruining the country’s next generation.

He is unhappy at government’s failure to implement stringent laws against defilement.


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