Bunyoro women rights advocates call for joint action against violation

The Team Leader of Kwataniza Women Farmers’ Group (KWFG) based in Buseruka Sub-county Hoima District, Ms Beatrice Rukanyanga, addresses Bunyoro Women Human Rights Defenders Network (BWHRDN) during their training at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima City on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. (Image: Joseph Uzelle/Kazi-Njema News)

Activists in Bunyoro have recommended combined network efforts as one of the strategies of strengthening empowerment against women rights violations in the region.

The amalgamation of these networks can easily create a positive impact of redeeming women from all sorts of violations including sexual, psychological, economic and physical among others, according to Ms Beatrice Rukanyanga, a Team Leader for the Hoima district-based Kwataniza Women Farmers’ Group.

She says this is an avenue of amplifying the voice of women against their rights’ violations as they are the most vulnerable sexual category in the community.

The activist adds that with such an intervention, women can be assisted to access government programmes aimed to cause society’s financial transformation through the Bunyoro Women Human Rights Defenders Network.

Ms Jennifer Baitwamasa, an Administrator at Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA), says women will sufficiently be salvaged when women rights defenders’ joint activity to build capacity is enhanced in the target districts of Bunyoro including Hoima, Kagadi, Masindi, Kiryandongo, Buliisa, Kakumiro, Kibaale and Kikuube.

The Executive Director at Economic Wealth Creation, Mr Nasser Biira Kiwanuka, says women’s denied chances to enjoy the same rights to equal opportunities, resource management and protection as it should otherwise be in gender equality is a sheer manifestation that they are more vulnerable compared to their counterpart male gender.

Discriminative parental love towards both boy and girl children is one of the triggers of women’s rights violation that forces the vice to linger on in different families in the region yet it should be universally accorded to both sexes, notes Mr Biira.

To avert these rights violation cases still existing in some communities in Bunyoro and other parts of the country, he calls for a better working relationship between women rights advocates and the media that ensure that human rights abuses are addressed at a higher degree.

Mr Biira emphasises that the passion for a women rights abuse-free society will be a key driver to addressing community challenges up to the national level when defenders descend to the grassroot.

“Reasonable human rights defenders think, advocate and fight for the rights of others unlike unreasonable ones who sit in the comfort zones.” He says.

Women under Bunyoro Women Human Rights Defenders Network (BWHRDN) during their training at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima City on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. (Image: Joseph Uzelle/Kazi-Njema News)

Mr Biira advises women rights defenders to always focus on evidence, following up issues addressed, building self-confidence and community sensitisations.

The use of referral offices like Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), Police, Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) and Community Development Officers (CDOs) among others should be encouraged to address community issues, he continues.

Ms Goretti Kiiza, a member at Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) attached to Kakindo Integrated Women Development Agency (KAWIDA) based in Buliisa district, says culture plays a central role in violating women’s rights as it does not give the feminine sex opportunities in addressing community issues.

Alcoholism among men, political threats, poor communication networks and language barriers are also cited as among limitation in addressing general human rights based issues, according to Ms Kiiza.

On this note, Ms Rukanyanga of Kwataniza Women Farmers’ Group in Buseruka sub-county, Hoima district, discourages women from leaving community issues unaddressed while in the line of duty for fear of a ricochet from women rights violators.

She encourages women to prioritise girl child education in the spirit of promoting women emancipation.

This was during a training organised by NAVODA at Hoima Resort Hotel on Wednesday. 


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