Buyaga East connects to national power grid

Employees of BUTSWA Electric and Automation Contractors Ltd at work in Kabamba Sub-county, Kagadi District. (Courtesy photo)

Kabamba, Kiryanga and Mabaale are some of the sub-counties that are being connected to the national power grid in Buyaga East County, Kagadi District.

Power extension to the area is a fulfillment of the rural electrification programme laid out by the government to spur economic development in rural areas of Uganda.

Under Rural Electrification Agency (REA), work to extend the power line was contracted by BUTSWA Electric and Automation Contractors Ltd whose workers were seen readying holes for electric poles in Kabamba.

Speaking to our reporter at the site today (Sunday), the engineer BUTSWA Electric and Automation Contractors Ltd, Justus Kamara, called for cooperation from the residents for the success of the electric expansion exercise.

He said that after connecting the three sub-counties, work will continue to other sub-counties in the county.

Rural electrification is a 10-year programme to enable rural areas access to electricity. The expansion is to provide grid medium and low voltage distribution network across the country.


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