Church of Uganda bishops condemn Ntagali over adultery

Retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali.

The Anglican Church Bishops have also condemned retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali for committing adultery.

During a meeting held at Lweza at the weekend, the bishops under their umbrella body -the House of Bishops said Ntagali committed the sin in his individual capacity.

“Retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali committed the sin of adultery which he has admitted in a statement he wrote to the House of Bishops. The House condemned the Act and acknowledged it as a sin of an individual in the person of Bishop Stanley Ntagali. The Church of Christ remains healthy and spotless,” the statement said after the meeting.

Members of the public mainly on social media have for the past two weeks blasted Archbishop Dr Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu for fanning the scandal with many saying it could have been solved internally.

However, on Friday, the bishops upheld Archbishop Kaziimba’s earlier statement in which he also condemned his predecessor, Ntagali.

The House of Bishops insisted that Kaziimba was only implementing a decision that had previously been agreed upon by the group.

“The House resolved that Bishop Stanley Ntagali be handled in accordance with the Canons of the Church of Uganda. The House appointed a team to minister to the respective parties and their family members.”

Early this month, Archbishop Kaziimba suspended Ntagali from carrying out priestly duties for being involved in a love affair with a married woman.

In the January 13, 2021 letter, Kaziimba accused his predecessor of sinning and falling short of the glory of God contrary to the Biblical teachings.

“This adultery is a grievous betrayal on many levels. Retired Archbishop Ntagali has betrayed his Lord and Saviour, his wife and their marriage vows, as well as the faith of many Ugandans and global Christians who looked up to him to live the faith he proclaimed,” read in part, the letter to Ntagali, 65 who served as the eighth Archbishop of the Church of Uganda for nine years until last year when he was replaced by Kaziimba.

Speaking at a giveaway of his daughter at Wambabya village in Kiziranfumbi sub-county, Kikuube district last week, Ntagali said the “devil is a liar” before noting that his mind is at peace.

“I am always a happy man but the devil is a liar. We are more than conquerors in Jesus’ name,” Ntagali said.


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