CNOOC swiftly advances to oil production in Kingfisher, excites PAU

An oil rig under construction at the Kingfisher project, Buhuka fishing ground on Lake Albert shores in Kikuube District.

The Kingfisher oil field developer has swiftly advanced preparations for oil drilling signaling that commercially viable crude oil might certainly start getting out of the ground by 2025 as projected.

The latest most visible development witnessed by our reporter during a supervisory visit to the project by the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is assembling of the oil drilling rig for Kingfisher oil pad 2.

Assembling an oil rig at Kingfisher.

Busy engineers and technicians are sighted at various points connecting cables and lifting various oil rig equipment of sophisticated technology inside a fenced-off oil pad area.

Technology and equipment never seen by many Ugandans is apparently dismantled as assembling operations continue.

A delegation from the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) supervises the rig assembling work at Kingfisher, Buhuka fishing site in Kyangwali Sub-county, Kikuube District.

A delegation led by Mr Ernest Rubondo, the PAU Executive Director, is taken through the rig establishment process as rain drizzles around the pad site close to the Lake Albert shoreline at Buhuka fishing village in the south and the rift valley escarpment in the north and north east.

Mr Rubondo is assured that the rig will be up for commissioning before the year ends.

A total of 40,000 barrels of crude oil will be drilled per day from the 15 oil wells in the Kingfisher oil field, Kyangwali sub-county in Kikuube district.

CNOOC explains to the PAU Executive Director how work is progressing at oil pad 3.

Some few metres away, preparation for drilling Kingfisher oil pad 1 and 3 continues as rig establishment is seen equally progressing with engineers from Excel Construction Company  – the project contractor assuring that the sites will be ready for rig assembling and installation in next month (December) 2022.

Audio: Rubondo on Kingfisher (English)
Central Processing Facility (CPF) at Tilenga project in Buliisa District.

Relatedly, the Tilenga project is advancing with the construction of the Central Processing Facility (CPF) at the same time serious steps being made to develop the oil pads inside Murchison Falls Nationals Park.

Equipment for the first Tilenga project oil rig started arriving at site on Monday last week.

Kazi-njema News quotes Mr Ernest Rubondo, the PAU ED saying the labour force and supply of goods and services to the oil industry will narrow down by 2025 when oil production begins and everything is set up with more of technology being employed than human resource at work.

Work on the rig goes on at Kingfisher project.

Though he gave hope in more possible oil discoveries in the Albertine Graben including Ngasa oil block, using the limited time to tap into the existing direct and indirect oil induced opportunities is crucial before 2025 which is only three years on assumption that actual oil production will be at the end of 2025.

Of course, this period looks too short to catch up with if one is not prepared with relevant skills and investments by now but it is possible to fish big in this period.

The need to acquire skills like welding, plumbing, building and construction, electrical engineering and carpentry is in present tense than the future tense used in the past decade.

Mid view of the rig parts.

Important to note is that it will be past tense for many opportunities after four years from now if all go as planned.

We are yet to establish which percentage of the 100,000 jobs hoped to be generated by the oil industry during the ongoing development phase is already taken.

Work to assemble the rig.

Who has taken the opportunities is another question. One might prepare to tap into the already taken opportunities. But the beauty with it is that the importance of skills is not limited to any project, age or geographical area.

So, get updated and analyse with Kazi-njema News to get appropriate answers to be a participant than a spectator in the oil industry.

PAU officials tour the rig assembling site.

What is reality is that the oil industry is running faster than many people would expect since the beginning of 2022 when it has also faced a historically challenging opposition from European Union (EU).

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