Congolese refugee kills colleague over soap

Kampala Metropolitan Police Public Relations Officer, SP Patrick Onyango.

Police in Kampala are holding a refugee of Congolese origin, Claudia Inyati Mulaga on charges of killing his colleague, Capeche Kasanavo at Kisenyi Township in Central Division, Kampala City.

The Public Relations Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police, Superintendent of Police (SP) Patrick Onyango told Kazi-njema News on Friday that it all started when the duo had a misunderstanding over a piece of soap.

The police officer said that it is alleged that Kasanavo went to a restaurant where Mulaga works before grabbing a piece of soap to use.

This angered Mulaga who picked up a knife and stabbed Kasanova and died instantly.

Mr Onyango added that Mulaga was arrested by people around there before handing him over to the police.

The suspect is currently detained at Old Kampala Police Station on charges of murder.

The deceased’s body was taken to city mortuary Mulago for an autopsy, according to the police mouthpiece.

Mr Onyango said that detectives recovered two knives with suspected blood stains from the scene of crime.

He appeals to the community not resolve issues through violent means, but seek amicable methods.


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