Conservationists relocate baboon that has been invading shops in Kiryandongo

Wildlife conservationists rescue baboon in Kiryandongo District on Friday. (Courtesy photo)

A team of wildlife conservationists have relocated a baboon that has been invading shops in Karuma Town Council, Kiryandongo District.

The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) Public Relations Officer, says the baboon named David Karuma was relocated to Agago, 30km from Karuma Town.

Eric Ntalo adds that the exercise took place on Friday with joint wildlife conservationists including Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Paradise Park in the UK.

“Our veterinarian whizzed the dominant male baboon with intent to destablise the social dynamics of the troop (group of baboons) that has for quite long been invading shops and automatically gardens.”

“This has been done so that the baboons can lose trust in the geographical area and move further into the protected area,” he says.

The Public Relations Officer pledged that the conservationists will ensure that baboons are prevented from accessing humans easily.

He encouraged hawkers in Karuma town council to always keep rubbish secure in baboon-proof dustbins and practice good waste management.

The exercise was carried in a newly acquired animal ambulance donated by Paradise Wildlife Park in UK.

This is the first wildlife ambulance worth 50,000 pounds approximately Shs230 million.

Ntalo says baboons are abundant in Uganda because they are omnivorous eating everything they come across including fruits, birds, small mammals, grass, leaves, flowers and roots.

He was talking to the press on Monday.


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