Conserve and multiply approach can eradicate poverty – Museveni

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Uganda’s President Mr Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa says Africa can only create long-lasting wealth if its people can conserve and multiply wealth.

This is a point from his speech during the International Labor Day National Celebrations when he cited an example of children who destroy their parents’ wealth after their death.

He said Africana have had a backward practices in that when a person dies the children start dividing what is left of the property different from Europeans where men like Henry Ford died long ago but the wealth he left is bigger now.

“What we need is to conserve what we have, and multiply it. In Agriculture alone, with whatever land we are left with, we can create over 50 million jobs. Now with the Parish Development Model, we can kick start this. We need a workforce of very many workers”, he says.

According to Museveni, one of the biggest challenges Africa has is having elites who can’t help get people out of poverty.

“We have had differences with the elite, the people who should be leading others. They do not know how to get people out of poverty. They think it is in order for a few people to be rich while others remain backward,” he said.

He added that the government has started the sensitising Ugandans on the four sectors of commercial agriculture, ICT, services and industrialization that can produce money. Mr Museveni said if all Ugandans spread the message on the four sectors, poverty would be written in the books of history in the country.

SOURCE: The Kmapala Post.


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