DR Congo military arrest 33 Ugandan fishermen on Lake Albert

Fishing activity takes place on Lake Albert in Bunyoro.

Thirty-three Ugandan fishermen were arrested by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) military on Lake Albert shared by the two countries, the Pakwach Resident District Commissioner said yesterday (Monday).

Mr Swaib Toko told Xinhua by telephone from the northwestern district that the fishermen were arrested on Friday.

 “The fishermen were accused of crossing into the DRC territory on Lake Albert and were therefore arrested.  Mr Toko said.

“We are still making arrangements to have the fishermen handed back to us,” he said.

“Two of our fishermen overpowered and held two Congolese soldiers. We are working on having them returned as well,” Mr Toko said.

According to Mr Toko, there is no clear boundary on the lake to indicate the border line between the two countries.

“The Congolese soldiers just picked the fishermen with their 11 boats,” he said.

“We shall sort out the differences and give them their soldiers.”

The arrest of Ugandan fishermen by Congolese military and militiamen is common on Lake Albert.

In October last year, 16 Ugandan fishermen were arrested at gunpoint by suspected militiamen from the DRC; they were later released.

Source: Xinhua


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