DRC fighter jet lands in Rwanda, takes-off without military action

military aircraft

A fighter jet belonging to the DRC army mistakenly landed at an airport in neighbouring Rwanda as the two countries continue counter accusing each- other of backing negative forces.

Reports say, the military fighter jet, a Sukhoi-25 violated Rwandan airspace when it landed at Rubavu Airport in Rwanda at 11:20 am before flying away shortly.

No military action was taken by Rwanda in response according to the statement released by the Kigali government.

Rwanda says, the matter has been expressed to their Kinshasa counterparts who have acknowledged the landing as a mistake without intension to provoke anybody.

It happens as diplomatic relations between Kinshasa and Kigali get frustrated over advances being made the M23 rebels with alleged backing of the government of Rwanda.

The M23 last week captured the towns of Rutshuru and Kiwanja with minimal resistance from the government forces.

DRC recently expelled Rwanda’s Ambassador to Kinshasa as tensions continued to rise.

Locals have also staged several protests in DRC against the Rwandan government. UN experts have also accused Rwanda of backing the M23 rebels.

Kigali denies the accusations and instead accuses DRC of working with the Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) rebel group that has carried out several attacks inside Rwanda.

The East African Community heads of state recently directed M23, just like other armed groups in eastern DRC to put down their weapons but the rebel group has since ignored the directive.

The East African Community has also deployed a regional force, with Kenya being the first country to deploy troops


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