Election of ‘Mutebbengwa’ an illegality – Bunyoro Kingdom Prime Minister

Mr Norman Lukumu (seated) after being elected as Mutebbengwa (cultural leader) of Bugungu. (Image: Moses Andama/Kazi-njema News)

Following the election of the Mutebbengwa (cultural leader) of Bugungu, Mr Norman Lukumu, the Omuhikirwa (Prime Minister) of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga, has described the act as an illegality.

In his press release, Mr Byakutaaga highlights a number of “illegitimacies” surrounding Mr Lukumu’s election as a cultural leader ranging from losing court cases, demanding to be reinstated as the Omuhikirwa of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and pending court cases over the establishment of a breakaway cultural institution.

The Omuhikirwa also cites Mr Lukumu’s botched manipulation of genuine political support from certain town councils and sub-counties in Buliisa district for his scheme as the Chairman of Bugungu Cultural Revival Association (BUCRA) to have Bugungu secede from Bunyoro and disrespecting the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development’s guidelines yet it is the regulator of cultural institutions in Uganda.

He says the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development advised Mr Lukumu to follow the law under the institution of Traditional/Cultural Leaders Act, 2011 but in vain.

As such, Mr Byakutaaga vows that Mr Lukumu’s scheme will be challenged in courts of law.

“The purported election of a cultural leader in Buliisa is null and void. It is not backed by any law or policy. It is irregular just like several irregularities the same group has been undertaking. It is a sham concoction that will be challenged using lawful means up to a logical conclusion,” reads part of the press statement.

In 2022, Mr Lukumu filed a case No.015 of 2022 at Masindi High Court claiming that he is still the Omuhikirwa of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom and the case was fixed for hearing on May 11, 2023.

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