Embattled Hoima “Bishop” resumes ministry after jail 

‘Bishop’ David King Kaliisa in his church office along Bunyoro Kitara Road in Hoima City on Friday, March 3, 2023. (Image: Samuel Baguma/Kazi-njema News)

‘Bishop’ David Kaliisa popularly known as David King of Christ the Way Church has said the court case against him has nothing to do with church business as long as its leaders and followers continue respecting the laws as good citizens of Uganda.

In an interview with Kazi-njema’s Samuel Baguma today (Friday) morning, ‘Bishop’ Kaliisa said he resumed ministering with overnights and usual prayers since the case that led him to prison can be handled without obstructing the ministry of an incorporated church limited by guarantee.

 “We are moving on normally because I cannot stop church business. The church is not mine or for the family. It is for the community and for everyone just as Christ is there for everyone,” he said.

Asked about his experience in prison, ‘Bishop’ Kaliisa said it was his first time in life but he did not panic basing on the biblical knowledge of detention of God’s servants including Peter and Cyrus.

“To me, jail was a lesson about the world and bearing testimony of biblical teachings. It was because of ministry that I was imprisoned,” he added.

Audio: David on resumption (English)

David Kaliisa said he is just a leader of the church and he will continue serving in his mandate.

Audio: David on church management (English)

He was arrested on Thursday last week by Hoima police and directly taken to court from where he was remanded to Hoima government prison at Kiryateete in Hoima city until he was released on bail on Monday this week.

‘Bishop’ Kaliisa is accused by his siblings including Mr Martin Isaac Kaahwa and Ms Harriet Karungi among others of meddling with the estate of their deceased father, Stephen Kaliisa, believed to be among the founders of Christ the Way Church.

He denies the accusations.

The church, according to ‘Bishop’ David Kaliisa, has expanded to more than 40 branches spread across Bunyoro, Tooro and Buganda and a branch in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Below, ‘Bishop’ David Kaliisa appears in the video:


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