Environmentalist urges students, teachers to fight against climate change

Ugandan environmentalist, Mr Jonah Kirabo, has urged students and teachers to join the fight against climate change stating that climate crisis will not be solved unless students and young people in schools are educated about climate change and empowered to take action.

“It’s very sad to see that our school curricula don’t help young learners to understand what is happening and how they can get involved yet if the planet is destroyed. All that they have learned will be useless on a dead planet. Famine and floods continue to displace people across the country and the continent,” he says.

Mr Kirabo, who is the founder and team leader of the Green Futures Initiative, says it is critical that children in Uganda who spend more than 19 years in school to be taught about climate change which continues to be one of the most serious threats to their future.

Mr Joseph Lubya, a school director in Wakiso district, says while climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today, young people have not been adequately empowered to address the issue.

“When I heard that environmentalists wanted to help us understand climate change better, I was happy and I’m excited to continue working with them.”

Mr Kirabo’s Green Futures Initiative is currently running a countrywide campaign to plant five million trees by 2025 with support from The Global Youth Leadership Centre.


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