Ex-Bunyoro official calls for medical innovations in Covid-19 era

Former Chief of Protocol and Ritual Performer (Omunyamirwa) of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Mr Ashraf Nyorano Mugenyi, talks to Kazi-njema News.

The former Chief of Protocol and Ritual Performer (Omunyamirwa) in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has challenged the people of Bunyoro to think outside the box instead of sitting to lament about the challenges caused by lack of medicines against coronavirus.

While speaking to Kazi-njema News, Mr Ashraf Nyorano Mugenyi said he has observed many people losing hope in life due to the social and economic challenges caused by ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.

According to him, hope for future should remain since similar health challenges had occurred in the 19th century including smallpox and sleeping sickness.

“You cannot sit and watch because there is a pandemic. Life must continue meaning that if you are still healthy, it is an opportunity for you to work hard in agriculture and other sectors”, he said.

Mr Mugenyi added that this could be the time for the people of Bunyoro to advance in innovations like discovery of medicine to cure Covid-19 and other diseases just like their ancestors discovered the use of fried millet grains to cure smallpox.

“Prior to the start of vaccination by government, Banyoro had discovered their traditional medicine which was effective. They could spray hot millet grains on the patient and wounds would dry up. They seriously searched for solutions during the epidemic than relying on government”, he said.

However, Mr Mugenyi does not ignore the need for those that discover traditional medicines to cooperate with the National Drug Authority (NDA) and other relevant government agencies for advice and improvement.

On food security Mr Mugenyi says the current generation of the people of Bunyoro should emulate their forefathers who never saw chalkboards but knew the essence of food security during certain disasters.

“They had granaries that helped to ensure food security and sovereignty during natural disasters and health emergencies and war. I cannot imagine why nowadays people cry to government in just a week after lockdown”, he noted.

Though Bunyoro has not surfaced boldly in innovations to fight Covid-19, history recognises Bunyoro Kingdom to be rich in medicine and technology reflected through iron smelting and production of hoes, spears and axes among other things and innovating the first surgeries where a mother and a baby could be saved or one of them.

A Scottish Catholic medical missionary and philanthropist, Dr Robert William Felkin, wrote in his book that he had for the first time seen a successful surgery saving both the mother and a baby all over the world in Kahoora area of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

Kahoora is the present day headquarters of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in Hoima city.

The ball remains in the hands of the leaders of Bunyoro kingdom to promote the medical and technological potentials that lie idle in fear of western education based solutions that have on many occasions proved too expensive to procure and not effective.

Having countless bachelors and masters degrees in western education with growing dependence on ships and cargo planes that will flow in from oversees especially India and China and more shockingly sometimes herbal medicine leaves many questions unanswered.


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