Experts rule out Ebola outbreak in Masindi

Health experts have ruled out Ebola in the death of a man from Kitanyata 2 Village in Kiruuli Sub-county, Masindi District last week.

Moses Abigaba, 28, died at Masindi General Hospital on Friday where he had been admitted the previous day while bleeding through the mouth, nose and other body openings signs similar to those of Ebola and Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic fever.

His death prompted the district health authorities to dispatch a team of health experts to the area on Saturday that dispersed the mourners and buried the body.

Later, the health authorities sent the deceased’s samples to the Uganda Virus Research Institute to establish what killed him.

Now, Mr Patrick Baguma, the acting district health officer told our reporter this afternoon (Tuesday) that the samples tested negative to Ebola, according to the results that were released on Sunday night.

Mr Baguma, thus, said there was no any Ebola outbreak in the district but the deceased merely presented signs similar to those of the deadly virus.

Audio: Baguma on results (Mixture of Runyoro with English)


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