Feasibility study for Buhinga and Akii-Bua stadium projects to begin

The feasibility study ahead of the construction of the Buhinga and Akii-Bua stadium projects in Kabarole and Lira districts respectively is set to begin after the Ministry of Education and Sports released Shs984m to cater for the exercise.

The study will be conducted by two such local firms as Infrastructure Cost and Management Consultancy Limited and Habitat Consultancy on land in Lira and Kabarole.

The two firms will also undertake the concept design and Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the two projects.

The exercise is projected to cost Shs984m which is separately equal to Shs560m for Buhinga and Shs424m for Akii-Bua.

The two firms are expected to deliver their findings within a period not exceeding three months to help determine the cost of the actual construction of the two projects which will be funded through a grant from the People’s Republic of China.

Mr Hamson Obua, Sports State Minister, urges the two firms to ascertain that they complete the work in the stipulated time-frame or else there would be consequences.

“Any extension will be at a cost and we shall go ahead to recover the advance payment guarantee, recover performance and security costs and compel you to pay damages,” he said.

The two projects are a manifestation towards reviving, rejuvenating and revamping sports infrastructure in Uganda, according to the minister.


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