Flashfloods cut off 13 villages in Lamwo

A woman washes clothes at Lajarao stream in Ayago Village, Padibe West Sub-county in Lamwo District. (Image: Denis Omony)

Thirteen villages in Padibe West and Aceba Sub-counties, Lamwo District have been cut off after Lajarao stream burst its banks in Ayago Village.

The stream overflowed following persistent heavy rains that pounded the area leaving more than 3,000 residents without easy access to social services.

Pupils of Madi Opoke and Opoke primary schools can no longer cross over to the other side of the stream to access education services while Madi Kiloc Health Centre 2 has also been cut off by the flooded watercourse.

The residents have now diverted the direction by trekking more than 15 kilometres to access the services at the same facilities.

Mr Francis Arop, the Alu West Village Chairman, is worried that the stream could claim some human lives who offer to cross the fast gushing water that also harbours some crocodiles.

“So, life is practically getting harder and harder for people who are forced to trek more than 15 kilometres to access services at the same health and education facilities just because of the poor road network. The government needs to do something urgent,” Mr Arop says.

Audio: Arop on stream (English)

Mr Thomas Onen, the Padibe West Sub-county Chairman, says the sub-county local government does not have the capacity to construct a mini bridge needed at the stream due to the limited financial envelop.

However, he reveals that an assessment has already been carried out and a report submitted to both district authorities and development partners with some of the latter pledging to fix the bridge by the end of this year.

“At least one of the development partners has committed to support us. Though we have not yet reached a full agreement for the construction of a semi-bridge, at least I can say the discussion is in an advanced stage,” says Mr Onen.

The overflow of Lajarao stream has affected Ayago, Koja, Opoke Central, West & East, Biwang West and Central villages all in Padibe West and Lacara West, Central and East, Tumbavu East, West and Central villages in Aceba sub-county.

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