Floods: Butyaba Health Centre to be abandoned forever

Butyaba Health Centre 3 submerged by Lake Albert flood in Buliisa District.

The Buliisa District councillor for Butyaba Town Council, Mr Robert Mugume, has told Kazi-njema News in a special interview about the fate of Butyaba Health Centre 4 that the plan in offing is to build a new one about a kilometre away from the water submerged one since last year.

According to him, the plan was confirmed to the town council leaders by a delegation of officials from Buliisa district and the ministry of health that had an assessment visit to the facility recently.

Mr Mugume adds that they had established that the water level might not reduce soon and even if it reduced, the facility will already be too weak to serve its purpose again.

He also said that they have already identified a piece of land for relocation on a raised level at Kawaibanda village where the possibility of flooding is far away.

Sound bite: Mugume on Butyaba health facility (English)

The councillor calls upon the central government to respond seriously to the devastating effects of Lake Albert floods to the people of Butyaba and Buliisa in general.

“Hydro – electricity power was cut off for fear of electric shocks, sanitation was also compromised due to submergence of public latrines and we are badly lacking safe water following the breakdown of our clean water sources. Everything is hard for our people”, said Mr Mugume.

Meanwhile, government is working to restore social infrastructure destroyed by floods across the country.

The tremendous achievement for Bunyoro and West Nile, so far, has been the resumption of the Wanseko-Panyimur ferry service that has seen a smile amongst the business community from both sides of the lake.

Councillor Robert Mugume talks about relocation of Butyaba health facility.


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