Floods submerge Butyaba health centre, services shifted to school

Butyaba Health Centre 3 health care givers relocate to Butyaba primary school staff quarters after their quarters and health facility were submerged by floods of Lake Albert in Buliisa District.

Butyaba Health Centre 3 services have been shifted to Butyaba primary school after the health facility was enveloped by floods of Lake Albert in Buliisa District.

The health facility is among hundreds of buildings that have been inundated by the rising water volume along the shoreline in the district.

Mr Moses Kaahwa, the in charge of Butyaba health centre says now healthcare services are being offered from classrooms that were closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in the country in March this year.

Primary One classroom is being used as an antenatal ward while Primary Two classroom is being used for mothers to deliver.

The health worker adds that although the rooms are not convenient for a health facility, the district authorities were forced to turn the school into a healthcare unit to enable the community continue receiving and accessing medical services in the area.

Audio: Kaahwa on classrooms (English)

Mr Kaahwa told Kazi-njema News that in order to provide privacy to expectant mothers, the authorities decided to close the windows for the wards with corrugated iron sheets.

He says teachers are sharing their quarters with the health workers since the school reopened for the candidate class.

Audio: Kaahwa on challenges (English)
Lake Albert water submerges a pit latrine at Wanseko landing site in Kigwera Sub-county, Buliisa District.

Mr Richard Kajura, a field officer working with Lake Albert Children and Women Advocacy and Development Organisation (LACWADO) – a Community Based Organisation (CBO) operating in Buliisa district, told this news website that the organisation has constructed eight community latrines in the area.

This has been done to prevent the outbreak of diarrhoeal diseases including cholera, dysentery among others and other water borne diseases since most latrines were submerged by the floods of Lake Albert.

Mr Kajura is worried that despite the development, the newly constructed latrines might also be submerged since the floods continue rising for every single light breeze that hits the lake.

Audio: Kajura on worry (English)


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