Graduates challenged to create jobs as time for employment phases out

A section of graduands converge for the 15th Graduation Ceremony of Kitara Institute of Commerce in West Division, Hoima City today (Friday), March 12, 2021.

Elite youths have been challenged to forget about searching for jobs after graduation if they are to participate in the struggle to contain the current biting unemployment crunch in the country.

The remark was made by the Hoima City East Division Member of Parliament elect, Dr Patrick Mwesigwa Isingoma commonly known as Obama, while speaking as Chief Guest at the 15th graduation ceremony of Kitara Institute of Commerce, Media, Social Development and Vocational Studies in Hoima city.

The politician noted that though it is true that people are still searching for jobs after graduation, it is surely phasing out in this era of globalisation advising that it is important for each graduate to think outside the box and be able to tap every opportunity presented by the environment using their exposure to the world attained at the institution of learning.

Dr Isingom who once served as Hoima District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and later Secretary General East African Local Governments Association (EALGA) in Arusha, Tanzania, tipped the graduates on opportunities coming along with the oil industry and political administrative units.

“Of course your academic credentials will help you to get different opportunities beyond what you have graduated in. Thinking creatively will help you to employ yourself or quickly get employed since you will have competitive advantage,” he said.

Audio: Isingoma on employment (English)
Dr Patrick Isingoma, the Hoima City East Division MP addresses congregants who had gathered for the 15th Graduation Ceremony of Kitara Institute of Commerce in West Division, Hoima City today (Friday) March 12, 2021.

Mr Swale Sunday, the institute principal challenged journalism students to look into starting up centres for offering different services including photography, videography, graphics and design and Public Relations firms other than relying on direct media employment in radio and television stations.

During a separate interview with Kazi-njema News, Mr Sunday said he has noticed that journalists working independently are making much more income than those directly employed.

Mr Nathan Kitwe Isingoma, the institute Director Kitara commended students and parents upon completion of their education saying it is key in manoeuvering through the challenges presented by the contemporary world driven by advancing technology.

At least 124 students graduated after successfully completing their certificate and diploma courses in Journalism, Accounting and Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA).


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