Green Economy a lasting solution to climate change – ACODE

A man collects charcoal burnt from a destroyed Bugoma forest in Kikuube District. (File photo)

The government, the private sector and the entire public have been advised to prioritise re-greening the economy if the issue of climate change and its effects is to be solved once and for all.

Dr Arthur Bainomugisha, the Executive Director of the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), says this can be done through massive tree planting and transiting the country into a green economy that is favourable for everybody.

“Ethiopia planted five million trees in a single day. So, we need to massively plant trees in those degraded areas. We still have the hydro energy consolidated with the forests; where the forests can bring the rain and we get hydroelectricity which is clean energy. These are the things we can do and they are not very expensive. What we need is actually the will and that commitment,” he says.

Dr Bainomugisha says despite the government putting in place policy, legal and institutional frameworks, implementation from rhetoric to practice remains a challenge.

“One of the challenges we have in combating climate change in this country is underfinancing the natural resources and environment programme because this is a programme which is year after year underfunded,” he says.

He made these remarks while speaking at the strategic meeting with the Uganda Green Economy Network members where they released findings of study on mainstreaming sustainable natural capital management into Uganda’s Covid-19 recovery packages.

The study focused on assessing positive measures to integrate natural capital into the recovery including budgetary, fiscal, monetary and trade policies against negative fiscal, monetary and trade measures.


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