Hailstorm destroys gardens in Masindi

A banana plantation destroyed by hailstorm in Pakanyi Sub-county, Masindi District yesterday. (Photo credit: Kazi-njema News)

A heavy downpour has pounded and destroyed several acres of crop fields in Kihaguzi Parish, Pakanyi Sub-county in Masindi District.

The heavy hailstorm that fell at around 4pm yesterday (Wednesday) left many maize, bean, cassava, banana and sweet potato gardens destroyed in eight villages including Nyakanika I Hanga, Nyamutete, Bbokwe and Kihaguzi among others.

Mr Geoffrey Adiki, the Pakanyi sub-county councillor says a looming famine will hit the area if no intervention measures are put in place, asking the higher authorities to distribute seeds to the residents to plant before it is too late.

Audio: Adiki on disaster (English)

However, no casualties and house destruction were reported.

This is a second disaster of a similar nature to happen in Masindi district in a period of one month.

Recently, a similar calamity occurred in Kimengo and Miirya sub- counties and part of Kigulya Division where several acres of crops including maize and beans were destroyed.

Experts blame the increase in such occurrences on climate change due to human destruction of the environment.

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