Herb cures cancer, Ugandans encouraged using herbal medicine

Dr Grace Kyeyune Nambatya, Director for Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Institute. (File photo)

Herbalists with formulae they say cure certain diseases in Uganda have been urged and encouraged to work with the government to ensure that they go through all the necessary trials for their herbs to be incorporated for use as human medicine.

Dr Grace Kyeyune Nambatya, the Director of the National Chemotherapeutic Research Institute, also calls upon Ugandans not to fear using herbal medicine saying most of it is actually more effective than western medicine.

She says she has seen cancer patients who have been subjected to herbal medicine and have recovered from the debilitating disease for which science is yet to find a cure.

Her remarks follow a speech by Dr Moses Mpairwe, a researcher working with Mr David Ssenfuka, an herbalist known for his treatment of cancer and diabetes in which he said they have tried to source support from the government to develop the medicine but they are yet to penetrate the brick wall.

Dr Nambatya confirmed that they have indeed carried out animal trials on Mr Ssenfuka’s medicine christened SD2018 and results indicate that it is effective in restoring beta cells, which if destroyed, cause a person to develop diabetes.

It is on this basis that she called upon herbalists with formulae they know cure diseases to work with the government for a healthy society.

Dr Nambatya reveals that the government has now shown unwavering support for herbal medicine development in the country contrary to the past before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic when her institute was the lowest in government funding priorities.

She says since the outbreak of Covid-19, the institute has received tremendous support both political and financial.

Prof Augustus Nuwagaba, the President of Muyenga Rotary Club urged Mr Ssenfuka and other Ugandans with special knowledge in medicine to share it so that in the event they are no more in this earthly life, the country continues to benefit from their medicine.

He says the government is embracing a pathogen economy and is willing to support anybody who has skills in that direction.

Prof Nuwagaba’s comments were earlier echoed by retired Judge of the Court of Appeal, Justice Remmy Kasule, who called upon Ugandans to conserve plants that have proven to be beneficial to humanity.

On his part, Mr Ssenfuka appreciated Rotary Club for approaching him to work together and also appreciating his work to eradicate cancer.

He reiterated his call for assistance in the development of the drug.

This, while speaking at the Rotary Club, Muyenga.


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