Herbicides danger stands in your farm – Environmentalist tips

Mr Derrick Kirungi, Executive Director, Climate Alert and Forest Conservation Trust (CAFCOT), holds a tree plantlet in the studios of Kazi-njema Radio in Hoima City.

The use of herbicides as a weed control measure might lead one into huge losses if technical advice is not applied.

“You can lose your seedlings or crops if you do not ensure proper timing. The herbicides can burn all your seedlings and it necessitates you return to square one”, warns Mr Derrick Kirungi, the Executive Director, Climate Alert and Forest Conservation Trust (CAFCOT).

Health experts also warn that if abused, herbicides can create lifelong health effects to the users directly while spraying onto the final product to be consumed especially on crops.

Mr Kirungi tips tree growers on observing the recommended tree spacing to avoid incurring high maintaining expenditure.

“Proper spacing helps you to control weeds since trees suppress light penetration to the ground. The wider the space between trees, the higher the chances for weeds to grow since they will be getting enough light”, says Mr Kirungi.

He highlights on the various methods of weed management including biological, mechanical and chemical at a given stage.

Sound bite: Kirungi on herbicides (English)

Get the details in this video clip:

Mr Derrick Kirungi inside Kazi-njema Radio studio.


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