High night temperatures explained

A man sweats

A weather expert at the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA), Yusuf Nsubuga, has attributed the current high temperatures being experienced at night in Uganda to the low hanging clouds.

In a brief statement, Mr Nsubuga explains that during the day, the land and buildings absorb lots of heat from the sun which they release to the outer space.

But because of the cloudy night, the heat ends up being trapped by the clouds.

“Because of the cloud ceiling, instead of the heat escaping to the outer space, it ends up coming back to us in form of high temperatures,” Mr Nsubuga explained.

Over the past few days, Ugandans have experienced unbearable heat.

Mr Nsubuga said the high temperatures are an indication of transiting from a dry season to a wet season as low rain bearing clouds form at night.


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