Hoima butchers, residents arrest suspected thieves

Albertine Regional Police Spokesperson, ASP Julius Allan Hakiza.

Four suspected thieves have today (Thursday) been arrested and handed over to Hoima police in an operation mounted by butchers and residents of Kiryateete Cell in East Division, Hoima city.

The suspects whose identities have been concealed for fear of jeopardising investigations were apprehended after the butchers and residents combed the area during a seven-hour operation that began at midnight in various parts of Kiryateete.

According to the Publicity Secretary Hoima Cattle Traders and Butchers Company Ltd, Ramadhan Karubanga, the operation was mounted after two butchers lost their smart phones and money two days ago after being attacked by the identified thieves in addition to the rampant reports of thieves terrorising residents of Kiryateete.

Audio: Karubanga on criminals (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Karubanga told Kazi-njema News that one of the suspects was arrested from Bad Street hide out. Another one who was arrested from ‘Sansiro’ led the vigilantes to two others who were smoked out of a water drainage.

When contacted, the Albertine Regional Police Publicist, ASP Julius Allan Hakiza, confirmed the story urging the butchers, residents and village chairpersons to furnish police with details of criminals instead of providing confusing information.

He also urged them to cooperate with the police during such combs.

Audio: Hakiza on criminals (Runyankole/Rukiga)


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